This is an ever-changing list of technologies that I currently prefer to use. Check out what other developers are using at

Languages & Frameworks

I use JavaScript to solve problems. When scripting or writing CLI's, I'll usually go with my first love Ruby, but I'm doing more and more with Node.js and Lua. I put a lot of focus on writing semantic HTML with an emphasis on accessibility. When writing CSS, I prefer using Tailwind CSS.

I like to use Vue.js superpowered by Nuxt.js for basically any type of frontend I'm building - whether single-page applications or static sites.

Editor & Terminal

Neovim is my editor, used almost exclusively inside tmux. I manage workspaces using tmuxinator and vim sessions and use zsh as my shell.

I use iTerm as my terminal emulator with the onenord colorscheme and FiraCode Nerd Font.


I like working with as small a subset of tools as possible, to really master them. That's why I use Alfred as the central piece in almost all my macOS-related workflows. I use it for launching applications, snippet expansion, as a universal clipboard manager, for file-related actions, web and document searches, running system commands and home automation tasks, as well as numerous other personal workflows.

I also use Better Touch Tool for mapping hotkeys and trackpad gestures. For most of my automation needs, I use an open-source Hazel alternative call organize with a few simple rules to manage my folders.

I use DEVONthink Pro for syncing bookmarks across browsers and document management, and I use Things as my primary todo-list application.

I use Figma for wireframing and prototyping projects.

Desk & Other Gear

My current workhorse is a 2021 8-core M1 MacBook Air connected to a Dell Ultrasharp 2720Q 4K monitor. I use an Apple Magic Trackpad 2 and a wireless Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard.

My desktop audio setup is a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-MT40x professional monitor headphones, usually paired with the iFi Zen 2 DAC and headphone amp.